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Personal Orientation Project
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About the POP Index - Students

Welcome to the POP Index. This website has been developed to help you with your career exploration process. On the POP Index site you will find a catalogue of digital exploration tools that will allow you to do the following: try out actual work tasks virtually, using Experiential Tools; take a tour of workplaces or educational institutions, or listen to workers and see them in action, using the Virtual Visits and Key People Tools; and discover opportunities for career days, open house activities, etc., using Other Tools. The General Career Exploration Tools will help you if you wish to find out about a wide variety of careers.

You can search for tools in the POP Index fields of interest section, which organizes them into career categories, regardless of educational requirements, or you can search in the Vocational Training Sectors section, which organizes tools by trade.

Keep in mind that the POP Index is not meant to be your only means of exploration. To round out your career exploration process and obtain links to tools that provide detailed job descriptions or the educational requirements of specific jobs, you might consider consulting other websites, participating in a job shadowing program or reading up on different occupations.

As an Exploration of Vocational Training student, you may limit your search to tools in the Vocational Training Sectors section. As an Entrepreneurship student, you can search according to the guidelines provided in your entrepreneurship class.

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