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Personal Orientation Project
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General information

General help

Finding a tool

Use the search box to search for tools by keyword(s).

Search by entering the name of a trade or occupation, a training program, a program number or some other keyword related to a trade or occupation.

A keyword search enables you to search for one or more words specifically linked to an exploration tool.

Search tips

  1. Use quotation marks to look for an exact term. The words between the quotation marks will be searched together, exactly as indicated. For example, if you search for “history of aviation,” the search engine will indicate only tools in which it finds those three words in that order.
  2. The search engine does not take into account words that are shorter than three letters unless they are in quotation marks. For example, if you search for nurse practitioner specialized in neonatology, the search engine will ignore the word in.
  3. The search engine indicates all occurrences of a word. For example, if you type the word search, the search engine will find all instances of words containing this series of letters. Your search results will thus also contain words like research, searcher, searching, etc.
  4. You do not have to separate keywords with punctuation marks.

My bookmarked tools

This function allows members to save links for the tools they find useful and interesting and to keep them all in one place so they do not have to do a search each time they want to consult them.

You can display your bookmarked tools by type: experiential tools, virtual visits and key people and other tools. Once you have bookmarked your tools, use the dropdown menu near the title “Type of tool” to access them again.

You can also determine the number of bookmarks that are displayed per page.

You can delete a bookmark by clicking on “Delete from my bookmarks.”

Note: If the owner of a tool decides to delete it from the POP Index, the tool will automatically be deleted from your bookmarks.

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