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General Career Exploration Tools | Added on May 16, 2017

Pixabay, public domain, http://bit.ly/2oKkFdC

This website invites you to participate in “an online career exploration adventure.” You can see the featured career, find careers based on your interests (using the RIASEC model), review careers by cluster or search for a career by keyword.

Exploration of Vocational Training
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accountant actor actuary adjudicator administrative assistant administrative law judge administrative services manager adult literacy, remedial education and GED teacher advertising and promotions manager advertising sales agent aerobics instructor aerospace engineer aerospace engineering and operations technician agent and business manager of artists, performers and athletes agricultural and food science technician agricultural engineer agricultural equipment operator agricultural inspector agricultural sciences teacher, postsecondary agricultural technician agricultural worker air crew member air crew officer air traffic controller aircraft cargo handling supervisor aircraft launch and recovery officer aircraft launch and recovery specialist aircraft mechanics and service technician aircraft structure, surfaces, rigging and systems assembler airfield operations specialist airline pilot ambulance attendant ambulance driver amusement and recreation attendant anesthesiologist animal breeder animal control worker animal scientist animal trainer animator anthropologist anthropology and archeology teacher aquacultural manager arbitrator archeologist archeologist architect architectural drafter architecture teacher archivist area, ethnic and cultural studies teacher armored assault vehicle crew member armored assault vehicle officer art director art, drama and music teacher artillery and missile crew member artillery and missile officer artist assembler assessor astronomer athlete athletic trainer atmospheric and space scientist atmospheric, earth, marine and space sciences teacher audio and video equipment technician audiologist audio-visual collections specialist auditor auditor author automotive body and related repairer automotive glass installer and repairer automotive master mechanic automotive service technician and mechanic automotive specialty technician aviation inspector avionics technician baggage porter bailiff baker barber bartender bartender helper bellhop bench carpenter bicycle repairer bill and account collector billing and posting clerks and machine operator billing, cost and rate clerk billing, posting and calculating machine operator bindery worker biochemist biological science teacher biological scientist biological technician biologist biomedical engineer biophysicist blaster blockmason boiler operator boilermaker bookbinder bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerk booth cashier brazer brickmason bridge and lock tender broadcast news analyst broadcast technician brokerage clerk budget analyst building cleaning worker bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialist bus driver, school bus driver, transit and intercity business operations specialist business teacher butcher cabinetmaker camera and photographic equipment repairer camera operator, television, video and motion picture captain, mate and pilot of water vessels cardiovascular technologist cargo and freight agent carpenter carpet installer cartographer cashier caster cement mason cementing and gluing machine tender chauffeur chef chemical engineer chemical equipment operator chemical plant and system operator chemical technician chemist chemistry teacher chief executive child care worker child, family and school social worker chiropractor choreographer city and regional planning aide civil drafter civil drafter civil engineer civil engineering technician claims adjuster claims examiner, property and casualty insurance claims investigator cleaner cleaner of vehicles and equipment cleaning, washing and metal pickling equipment operator clergy clinical psychologist coach coating, painting and spraying machine setter coil winder, taper and finisher coin, vending and amusement machine servicer collector combined food preparation and serving worker, including fast food command and control center officer command and control center specialist commercial and industrial designer commercial diver commercial pilot communications equipment operator communications teacher community and social service specialist compensation and benefits manager compensation, benefits and job analysis specialist compliance officers composer computer and information scientist computer and information systems manager computer hardware engineer computer operator computer programmer computer science teacher computer security specialist computer software engineer, applications computer software engineer, systems software computer support specialist computer systems analyst computer systems engineer/architect computer, automated teller and office machine repairer computer-controlled machine tool operator, metal and plastic concierge conciliator concrete finisher conservation scientist conservator construction and building inspector construction carpenter construction laborers construction manager construction worker continuous mining machine operator control and valve installer and repairer controller conveyor operator cook, fast food cook, institution and cafeteria cook, private household cook, restaurant cook, short order cooling and freezing equipment operator copilot copy marker copy writer coroner correctional officer correctional treatment specialist correspondence clerk correspondent cosmetologist cost estimator costume attendant counseling psychologist counselling counter and rental clerk counter attendant, cafeteria, food concession and coffee shop courier court clerk court reporter court, municipal and license clerk craft artist crane and tower operator creative writer credit analyst credit authorizer credit checker credit clerk criminal investigator criminal investigator criminal justice and law enforcement teacher crop and livestock manager crossing guard crushing, grinding and polishing machine setter curator custom sewer customer service representative cutter cutter and trimmer, hand cutting and slicing machine setter cutting, punching and press machine setter dancer data entry keyer database administrator demonstrator dental assistant dental hygienist dental laboratory technician dentist deputy sheriff derrick operator, oil and gas designer desktop publisher detective diagnostic medical sonographer dietetic technician dietitian dining room and cafeteria attendant dinkey operator director, religious activities and education director, stage, motion pictures, television and radio dishwasher door-to-door sales workers dredge operator dressmaker drilling and boring machine tool setter driver/sales worker drywall and ceiling tile installer earth driller economics teacher economist editor education administrator education teacher educational, vocational and school counsellor electric motor and power tool repairer electrical and electronic engineering technician electrical and electronic equipment assembler electrical and electronics drafter electrical and electronics installer, transportation equipment electrical and electronics repairer, commercial and industrial equipment electrical and electronics repairer, powerhouse, substation and relay electrical drafter electrical engineer electrical engineering technician electrical power-line installer electrician electromechanical equipment assembler electro-mechanical technician electronic drafter electronic equipment installer, motor vehicles electronic home entertainment equipment installer electronics engineer electronics engineering technician elementary school teacher elevator installer and repairer eligibility interviewer, government programs embalmer emergency management specialist emergency medical technician emergency medical technician employment interviewer employment, recruitment and placement specialist EMT engine assembler engineering manager engineering teacher engineering technician English language and literature teacher engraver entertainer entertainment attendant environmental compliance inspector environmental engineer environmental engineering technician environmental science and protection technician environmental science teacher environmental scientists and specialist epidemiologist equal opportunity representative etcher excavating and loading machine and dragline operator executive secretary explosives worker extraction worker extruding and drawing machine setter extruding and forming machine setter extruding, forming, pressing and compacting machine setter fabric and apparel patternmaker fabric mender fabricator faller family and general practitioner farm and home management advisor farm and ranch manager farm equipment mechanic farm labor contractor farmer farmworker and laborer, crop, nursery and greenhouse farmworker, farm and ranch animals fashion designer fence erector fiberglass laminator and fabricator file clerk film and video editor financial analyst financial examiner financial manager financial manager, branch or department financial specialist fine artist fire fighter fire inspector fire investigator fire-prevention and protection engineer first-line supervisors/managers fish and game warden fisher fishing worker fitness trainer flight attendant flight engineer floor finisher floor layer floor sander floral designer food and tobacco roasting, baking and drying machine operator food batchmaker food cooking machine operator food preparation and serving related worker food science technician food scientist food service manager foreign language and literature teacher forensic science technician forest and conservation technician forest and conservation worker forest fire fighter forest fire fighting and prevention supervisor forest fire inspector forester forestry and conservation science teacher forging machine setter, metal and plastic foundry mold and coremaker freight and cargo inspector funeral attendant funeral director furnace, kiln, oven, drier and kettle operator furniture finisher gaming and sports book writer gaming cage worker gaming change person gaming dealer gaming manager gaming service worker gaming supervisor gaming surveillance officer gas compressor and gas pumping station operator gas plant operator gem and diamond worker general and operations manager geographer geography teacher geological and petroleum technician geological sample test technician geophysical data technician geoscientists glass blower, molder, bender and finisher glazier government property inspector grader and sorter, agricultural products graduate teaching assistant graphic designer grinding and polishing worker grinding, lapping, polishing and buffing machine tool setter grounds maintenance worker gynecologist hairdresser hairstylist hazardous materials removal worker head cook health and safety engineer health diagnosing and treating practitioner health educator health specialties teacher health technologist healthcare practitioner healthcare support worker hearing officer heat treating equipment setter heating and air conditioning mechanic heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic highway maintenance worker historian history teacher hoist and winch operator home appliance repairer home economics teacher home health aide host and hostess, restaurant, lounge and coffee shop hostler hotel, motel and resort desk clerk housekeeping cleaner human resources assistant human resources manager human resources, training and labor relations specialist hunter hydrologist illustrator immigration and customs inspector industrial engineer industrial engineering technician industrial machinery mechanic industrial production manager industrial safety and health engineer industrial truck and tractor operator industrial-organizational psychologist infantry officer information and record clerk information clerk inspector installation, maintenance and repair workers instructional coordinator insulation worker, floor, ceiling and wall insulation worker, mechanical insurance adjuster, examiner and investigator insurance appraiser, auto damage insurance claims and policy processing clerk insurance claims clerk insurance policy processing clerk insurance sales agent insurance underwriter interior designer internist interpreter interviewer jailer janitor jeweler jeweller job printer judge kindergarten teacher laboratory animal caretaker laborers and freight, stock and material mover landscape architect landscaping and groundskeeping worker lathe and turning machine tool setter laundry and dry-cleaning worker law clerk law teacher lawyer lay-out worker legal assistant legal secretary legal support worker legislator librarian library assistant library science teacher library technician license clerk licensed practical and licensed vocational nurse licensing examiner and inspector life scientist life, physical and social science technician lifeguard loading machine operator, underground mining loan counselor loan interviewer loan officer lobby attendant locker room, coatroom and dressing room attendant locksmith locomotive engineer locomotive firer lodging manager log grader and scaler logging equipment operator logging worker logistician lyricist machine feeder machinist magistrate maid mail clerk mail machine operator mail superintendent maintenance and repair worker maintenance workers, machinery makeup artist, theatrical and performance management analyst manicurist manufactured building and mobile home installer mapping technician marine architect marine engineer marine oiler market research analyst marketing manager marking clerk marriage and family therapist massage therapist mate, ship, boat and barge material moving worker materials engineer materials scientist mathematical science teacher mathematical technician mathematician meat cutter meat packer meat, poultry and fish cutter and trimmer mechanical door repairer mechanical drafter mechanical engineer mechanical engineering technician media and communication equipment worker media and communication worker mediator medical and clinical laboratory technician medical and clinical laboratory technologist medical and health services manager medical and public health social worker medical appliance technician medical assistant medical equipment preparer medical equipment repairer medical records and health information technician medical scientists, except epidemiologist medical secretary medical transcriptionist meeting and convention planner mental health and substance abuse social worker mental health counselor merchandise displayer messenger metal casters metal pourer metal worker metal-refining furnace operator meter reader, utilities microbiologist military enlisted tactical operations and air/weapons specialist military officer special and tactical operations leader milling and planing machine setter millwright mine cutting and channeling machine operator mining and geological engineer mining machine operator mining safety engineer mixing and blending machine setter mobile heavy equipment mechanic model maker, wood molder molding and casting worker molding, coremaking and casting machine setter motion picture projectionist motor vehicle operator motorboat mechanic motorboat operator motorcycle mechanic multi-media artist multiple machine tool setter municipal clerk municipal fire fighter municipal fire fighting and prevention supervisor museum technician music arranger music director musical instrument tuner musician musician nanny natural sciences manager naval architect network and computer systems administrator network designer network systems and data communications analyst new accounts clerk news and street vendors nonfarm animal caretaker nuclear engineer nuclear equipment operation technician nuclear medicine technologist nuclear monitoring technician nuclear power reactor operator nuclear technician numerical tool and process control programmer nursery and greenhouse manager nursery worker nursing aide nursing instructor nutritionist obstetrician occupational health and safety specialist occupational health and safety technician occupational therapist occupational therapist aide occupational therapist assistant offbearer office and administrative support worker office clerk office machine operator operating engineers and other construction equipment operator operations research analyst ophthalmic laboratory technician optician optometrist oral and maxillofacial surgeon order clerk order filler order filler, wholesale and retail sales orderly ordnance handling expert orthodontist orthotist outdoor power equipment and other small engine mechanic packager packaging and filling machine operator packer painter painter, construction and maintenance painter, transportation equipment painting, coating and decorating worker paper goods machine setter paperhanger paralegal paramedic park naturalist parking enforcement worker parking lot attendant parts salesperson patternmaker paving, surfacing and tamping equipment operator payroll and timekeeping clerk pediatrician pedicurist performer personal and home care aide personal care and service worker personal financial advisor personnel recruiter pest control worker pesticide handler, sprayer and applicator, vegetation petroleum engineer petroleum pump system operators, refinery gauger pharmacist pharmacy aide pharmacy technician philosophy and religion teacher photogrammetrist photographer photographic process worker photographic processing machine operator physical scientist physical therapist physical therapist aide physical therapist assistant physician physicist physics teacher pile-driver operator pilot, ship pipe fitter pipe layer pipefitter pipelayer plant and system operator plasterer plastic worker plating and coating machine setter plumber podiatrist poet police and sheriff's patrol officer police detective police identification and records officer police patrol officer police, fire and ambulance dispatcher political science teacher political scientist postal service clerk postal service mail carrier postal service mail sorter, processor and processing machine operator postmaster potter power distributor power plant operator precious metal worker precious stone and metal worker precision instrument and equipment repairer prepress technician preschool teacher presser, textile, garment and related materials printing machine operator private detective probation officer procurement clerk producer product promoter product safety engineer production worker production, planning and expediting clerk program director proofreader property, real estate and community association manager prosthetist prosthodontist protective service worker psychiatric aide psychiatric technician psychiatrist psychologist psychology teacher public address system announcer public relations manager public relations specialist pump operator purchasing agent and buyer, farm products purchasing manager radar and sonar technician radiation therapist radio and television announcer radio mechanic radio operator radiologic technician radiologic technologist rail car repairer rail transportation worker rail yard engineer railroad brake, signal and switch operator railroad conductor rail-track laying and maintenance equipment operator rancher range manager real estate appraiser real estate assessor real estate broker real estate sales agent receptionist recreation and fitness studies teacher recreation worker recreational protective service worker recreational therapist recreational vehicle service technician referee refractory materials repairer refrigeration mechanic refuse and recyclable material collector registered nurse rehabilitation counselor reinforcing iron and rebar worker religious worker reporter reservation and transportation ticket agent residential advisor respiratory therapist respiratory therapy technician retail salesperson revenue agent rigger rock splitter, quarry rolling machine setter roof bolter, mining roofer rotary drill operator, oil and gas rough carpenter roustabout, oil and gas runner safe repairer sailor sales agent, financial services sales agent, securities and commodities sales engineer sales manager sales representative sampler sawing machine setter school psychologist scout sculptor secondary school teacher securities, commodities and financial services sales agent security and fire alarm systems installer security guard segmental paver self-enrichment education teacher semiconductor processor separating, filtering, clarifying, precipitating and still machine setter septic tank servicer service station attendant service unit operator, oil, gas and mining set and exhibit designer sewer pipe cleaner sewer, hand sewing machine operator shampooer shaper sheet metal worker sheriff ship and boat captain ship engineer shipping, receiving and traffic clerk shoe and leather worker shoe machine operator shuttle car operator signal and track switch repairer singer singer ski patrol skin care specialist slaughterer slot key person social and community service manager social and human service assistant social science research assistant social sciences teacher social work teacher social worker sociologist sociology teacher software quality assurance engineer soil and plant scientist soil and water conservationist solderer sorter sound engineering technician special agent special education teacher, preschool, kindergarten and elementary school special education teacher, secondary school special force special forces officer speech-language pathologist sports competitor sports official statement clerk stationary engineer statistical assistant statistician steamfitter stock clerk, sales floor stock clerk, stockroom, warehouse or storage yard stone cutter and carve, manufacturing stonemason storage and distribution manager structural iron and steel worker structural metal fabricator stucco mason substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor subway and streetcar operator surgeon surgical technologist survey researcher surveying and mapping technician surveying technician surveyor switchboard operator, including answering service tailor talent director tank car, truck and ship loader taper tax examiner tax preparer taxi driver teacher assistant team assembler technical director/manager technical writer telecommunication line repairer telecommunications equipment installer telemarketers telephone operator teller terrazzo worker and finisher tester tester textile bleaching and dyeing machine operator textile cutting machine setter textile knitting and weaving machine setter textile winding, twisting and drawing out machine tender textile, apparel and furnishings worker ticket taker tile and marble setter timing device assembler, adjuster and calibrator tire builder tire changer title examiner, abstractor and searcher tool and die maker tool grinder, filer and sharpener tour guide and escort traffic technician training and development manager training and development specialist transit and railroad police translator transportation attendant transportation inspector transportation manager transportation security screener transportation vehicle, equipment and systems inspector transportation, storage and distribution manager trapper travel agent travel clerk travel guide treasurer tree trimmer and pruner truck driver, heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver, light or delivery services typist umpire upholsterer urban and regional planner usher veterinarian veterinary assistant vocational education teacher waiter waitress watch repairer water and liquid waste treatment plant and system operator web administrator web developer weigher, measurer, checker and sampler, recordkeeping welders welding, soldering and brazing machine setter wellhead pumper wholesale and retail buyer wildlife biologist window trimmer woodworker woodworking machine setter word processor writer yardmaster zoologist

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